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Desmond Tutu and Chen Guangcheng: A Year for Human Rights in China


A YEAR FOR HUMAN RIGHTS IN CHINA From June 2013 to June 2014, the world will approach the 25th anniversary of China’s crackdown in Tiananmen Square in 1989, when the Chinese military opened  fire, killing thousands of students and other peaceful demonstrators.

ElBaradei Joins Ad Board for Human Rights Campaign


Mohamed ElBaradei, former head of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency, and a former Presidential candidate in Egypt, has joined the Advisory Board for’s campaign to raise awareness of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. ElBaradei, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, joins fellow Nobel laureates Archbishop Desmond Tutu and...

Rohingya: Myanmar’s Proving Ground


by Muhammad Yunus and José Ramos-Horta One of the fundamental challenges of a democracy is how to ensure the voice of the majority does not trample the essential rights of the minority. In the founding of the United States this was addressed by the Bill of Rights, some form of...

Ron Howard joins human rights campaign


Academy Award winning producer and director Ron Howard has stepped forward to lend his voice to’s campaign for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. On January 18, 2013, we shot both a print ad and video message for the UDHR with Ron. He joins other luminaries including Paul McCartney,...

Ramos-Horta appointed UN envoy to Guinea-Bissau


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appointed former Timorese President and Nobel Peace Prize laureate José Ramos-Horta as the new United Nations envoy to Guinea-Bissau. Mr. Ramos-Horta, who is also the Chairman of the Advisory Board for, succeeds Joseph Mutaboba of Rwanda as the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and Head of the...

Celebs Come Out to End Slavery


Nobel Peace Prize winning UN agency the International Labour Organization has launched an awareness raising campaign to end slavery, supported by Hollywood celebrities. Produced by the Abaunza Group and spearheaded with a video by Jada Pinkett Smith, the campaign features notables such as Cher, Oliver Stone, Mila Kunis, Ron Howard,...

Robert De Niro joins human rights campaign


We are delighted to announce that Robert De Niro, considered by many to be the greatest actor of our generation, has added his voice to’s campaign to raise awareness on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. On October 27, 2013, video team, led by producer and director Suzanne...

Desmond Tutu on child marriage


Archbishop Desmond Tutu was in Washington on Wednesday to promote his latest campaign: ending child marriage in the developing world.

Desmond Tutu to the Dalai Lama: We stand with you


Stand with us in support of His Holiness the Dalai Lama by adding your name below. The letter will be released to the international media and delivered to the Chinese leadership. We the undersigned Nobel Peace Prize laureates, human rights leaders and concerned individuals wish to express our concern at...

Who signed the Desmond Tutu letter


The letter from Desmond Tutu to the Dalai Lama was originally published for signature in 2010. After we reached 10,000 signatures, the letter was closed and delivered. We re-opened the letter recently at the request of our viewers, who wanted to be able to add their names to the letter....