Harrison Ford

Outside of his many award-winning film performances, Harrison Ford is probably most known for his overwhelming interest in the environment and support of environmental causes. He has been a supporter of Conservation International, one of the world’s leading environmental research groups, since 1991. He joined the Board of Conservation International, and became Vice Chairman shortly after. He currently sits on the Executive Committee.

Ford also serves as the first ‘airborne watchdog’ for the environmental group Riverkeeper, which identifies and prosecutes polluters of the Hudson River. He patrols the waterway in his helicopter and in 2002 received a Lindbergh Award for his efforts.

Ford is the honorary chairman for the Indianapolis Prize, one of the world’s leading awards for animal conservation. He has received numerous awards and recognitions for his work, including the Global Environmental Citizen Award from the Harvard Medical School, the Good Steward Award from the US House of Representatives, and others.

When Ford’s then-wife Melissa Mathison (also screenwriter for ET, The Black Stallion and others) was writing the screenplay for Kundun, both she and Ford developed a personal friendship with His Holiness, and would continue to support the cause of Tibetan Independence.