Originally published in Wall Street International Magazine

You and I are human beings, with family, perhaps children and grandchildren, certainly with friends and neighbors. We are of different nationalities, ethnicities, beliefs. We have all seen extreme poverty and witnessed wars and the killing and the dying, whether firsthand or through the news.

We have similar sentiments. Empathy is a part of us, in our DNA. Unless one can completely block out this aspect of all human beings, it is impossible to view what has happened in the last weeks to the people of Gaza without being heartbroken, angry, and feeling helpless.

The country inflicting such disproportionate war on the inhabitants of Gaza is the one that was carved out of ancient Palestine following one of the worst, and one of the most heartbreaking man-made human calamities, the Jewish Holocaust.

As the smoke clears, and as both parties finish their “victory celebrations,” it is on all of us to ask ourselves what we can do.

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