events:The Congo Salon

The Congo Salon

On January 14,2009, co-hosted a private salon in Los Angeles in support of the Raise Hope for Congo campaign. We produced the event with our partner organization Enough, the project to end genocide and crimes against humanity, with support from Enough...

Ashley Judd, Day Six – Heal Africa

There is a new looking compound set incongruously in Goma’s ruins. In Cambodia, such villas are built by pimps. I wondered what kind of people could afford such a palace in one of the poorest countries on Earth. I was grateful to learn it was, in fact, my next...

Ashley Judd, Day Six — Democratic Republic of Congo

King Leopold of Belgium, an insane man who never should have been free in a society much less allowed to “rule” one, kept this unimaginably fertile area (equal in size to everything east of the Mississippi) for his personal exploitation and whim. During his lust for...

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