Who signed the Desmond Tutu letter

The letter from Desmond Tutu to the Dalai Lama was originally published for signature in 2010. After we reached 10,000 signatures, the letter was closed and delivered. We re-opened the letter recently at the request of our viewers, who wanted to be able to add their names to the letter. As clearly nothing has changed or advanced on the issue of the Chinese treatment of Tibetan citizens, we are reposting it, with a new target -- 120,000 signatures from around the world. Signatories on the letter have included Nobel Peace Prize winners, internationally recognized artists, activists and people from six continents. Sadly we have lost three of them, two Nobel Peace Prize winners, Wangari Maathai and Elie Wiesel, and a dedicated Tibet activist, Adam Yauch, in the interim. See some of the signatories to date below, then add your name.
Harrison Ford Christy Turlington Naomi Campbell Gwyneth Paltrow George Clooney Samuel L. Jackson LaTanya Richardson Jackson Paul Haggis Ashley Judd Gillian Anderson Her Majesty Queen Noor Peter Gabriel Richard Gere Jeff Skoll Pam Omidyar Graham Nash Maria Bello Melissa Mathieson Mia Farrow Adam Yauch Barbara Kopple Kerry Kennedy Mia Kirschner Jack Healy Anne Archer Hans Zimmer Mark and Donna Isham Phil Noyce Nobel Peace Prize laureates: Elie Wiesel Wangari Maathai Shirin Ebadi Jody Williams John Hume David Trimble F.W. de Klerk Mairead Maguire Betty Williams Adolfo Perez Esquivel