To Fight Poverty Fight Climate Change

To Fight Poverty Fight Climate Change

Kathy Calvin, President and CEO of UN Foundation, has been at the helm of some of the major global efforts to eradicate malaria, fight poverty, vaccinate children and achieve the other goals outlined in the Millennium Development Goals.

Today she writes that climate change threatens to undermine the United Nations’ progress in both of its critical missions — peacekeeping and development: Hardship often leads to conflict, and the worsening impacts of climate change are causing hardship.

“Our development investments will fail if farmers no longer get rain or if floods wipe out their village; if ocean acidification decimate the fisheries on which coastal communities rely for their food and livelihoods; and if rising temperatures cause malaria and other vector-borne diseases to increase and spread to new areas.”

She is one of those who sees solutions, including energy-efficient technologies, solar power including solar lamps enable children to study and night and entrepreneurs to keep their shops open, renewable energy and efficiecy projects that will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, and clean cook stoves for mothers.

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September 15, 2014