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South Sudan Enemies Find Uneasy Refuge Together at a U.N. Base

As South Sudan observed the fourth anniversary of its independence this week, thousands of civilians spent it crammed into this United Nations base, which was originally intended to lodge people helping the world’s newest nation stand on its own. Now the base is home...

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Valentino Deng: A ‘Lost Boy’ returns to Sudan

photo Nicholas Kristof/The New York Times Nicholas Kristof brought the story Valentino Deng to life. Deng was 7 when he fled Marial Bai, in what is now South Sudan, after the village was attacked by a Sudanese militia. He became one of the...

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Women for Women International

While some come close, no area is ever 100% in the midst of war. There will be regions where survivors have gone to take refuge, and villages that are putting the pieces back together after the bombings and attacks. So there is always...

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South Sudanese Girls Given Away As ‘Blood Money’

photo IPS So extreme are gender inequalities in South Sudan that a young girl is three times more likely to die in pregnancy or childbirth than to reach the eighth grade – the last grade before high school – according to Plan...

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Sudan’s death penalty added to pastors’ trial

A judge in Sudan has ruled there is enough evidence to charge two pastors with crimes punishable by death.The charges, including espionage and promoting hatred among or against sects, were filed July 2, months after authorities arrested Yat...

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Anniversary and humanitarian crisis in South Sudan

South Sudan marked four years of independence from Sudan on Thursday, but the celebrations were tempered by ongoing violence and the threat of famine. South Sudan became the world's newest nation in 2011 following a vote to secede from...

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George Clooney on Sudan’s Rape of Darfur

George Clooney, John Prendergast and Akshaya Kumar write about the Sudan government's systematic efforts to blocks journalists from covering the Darfur region, severely restricting access for humanitarian workers, and attempting to...

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