Solar Cookers: Saving Lives, and the Environment

Nearly 3 billion people worldwide cook over open fires. Some cannot afford to purchase food and fuel, or to make their water safe to drink. Many are deforesting their regions in the process, a significant contributor to climate change in itself, at the same time removing one of the elements needed most to deal with the effects of climate change on their environment.

Solar cookers, constructed of cardboard and easily accessed materials, allows a family to cook a full meal with only the energy of the sun, a plentiful resource in most of the developing world.

Many solar cookers also include a simple method of purifying water, reducing disease among both adults and children.

In times of disaster, such as the recent Nepal earthquake, they are a source of cooked meals for displaced families. In some cases, such as refugee camps in Sudan, they save lives when the women do not need to leave the camp to gather wood.

This film, created by Solar Cookers International in April 2015, focuses on a simple solution with enormous global impact.


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May 16, 2015