Human Rights Heroes

Kek Galabru

Kek Galabru is one of Cambodia’s first female medical doctors and one of her nation’s leading human rights advocates.

Exiled for many years, she played a key role in helping negotiate a peace agreement that ended Cambodia’s civil war in 1991. Returning to Cambodia in 1992, she founded the Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights (LICADHO) in Phnom Penh, now Cambodia’s largest human rights groups.

LICADHO focuses  on monitoring human rights violations in the country, providing legal representation to victims of human rights abuses and providing humanitarian assistance to victims of human rights abuses. It advocates for children’s, women’s and prisoners’ rights, provides counseling, medical care and support for torture victims. lobbies the Cambodian government to improve human rights and the nation’s judicial system, and educates Cambodian citizens about their human rights.

LICADHO is regularly cited in the Cambodian media for stories on local human rights issues. The organization has also received international coverage for its work to combat human trafficking and other critical human rights issues.