Rohingya: Myanmar’s Proving Ground

Rohingya: Myanmar’s Proving Ground

by Muhammad Yunus and José Ramos-Horta One of the fundamental challenges of a democracy is how to ensure the voice of the majority does not trample the essential rights of the minority. In the founding of the United States this was addressed by the Bill of Rights,...

Muhammed Yunus steps down from Grameen bank

The battle for control of the Grameen Bank, the pioneering Bangladeshi microfinance institution, has reached a new intensity after its government-appointed chairman unilaterally declared that its founder and managing director, the Nobel prize-winning economist...
Muhammad Yunus on Where We Are Going

Muhammad Yunus on Where We Are Going

At the 2007 World Summit of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, Nobel Peace Prize winner and pioneer of microfinance Muhammad Yunus took part in the press conference releasing the Charter for a World Without Violence. was a partner in the Summit. Yunus talks...

Muhammad Yunus bio

Muhammad Yunus is a Bangladeshi banker and economist known to many as “The Banker to the Poor”. He was previously a Professor of Economics and is famous for his successful application of microcredit – the extension of small loans. These loans are given to...

The Charter for a World Without Violence

“We are convinced that adherence to the values of nonviolence will usher in a more peaceful, civilized world order in which more effective and fair governance, respectful of human dignity and the sanctity of life itself, may become a reality.”

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