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Started in 1999 by leaders in technology and social change, thecommunity.com brings you fresh, relevant information and media from sources you don’t get elsewhere, including winners of the Nobel Peace Prize and some of the world’s leading artists. Not affiliated with any political party, government administration or religious organization, the site is focused on the lessons of successful conflict resolution, peace building, and human rights.

In 2002 thecommunity.com was listed on USA Today’s top ten sites of 2001, for presenting the statements of the Nobel Peace Prize winners in response to 9/11. The site was written about in the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the Hong Kong Morning Post, Malaysia New Straits Times, talked about on the CNN Morning Show, and gathered more media around the world.

Today it continues to support and forward the messages of the Nobel laureates, and continues to take these messages not only to our site’s users but to the international media, with coverage of our activities in the Huffington Post, the International Herald Tribune, CNN.com, Newseek, AP and more.

27 of the 30 living Nobel Peace Prize winners have participated in projects with thecommunity.com, as well as internationally recognized artists including Paul McCartney, Michael Douglas, Peter Gabriel, Bono, Paul Simon, George Clooney and others.

TheCommunity.com’s network, launched in September, 2012, allows you to not only follow these valuable changemakers and their activities, but also to connect directly to and collaborate with people and groups around the globe who share your interests in making the world a better place.

We hope the information and opportunities we offer will help you to make a difference in the world.

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