I first ran across Irwin Redlener after Hurricane Katrina, when he and Paul Simon (yes THAT Paul Simon) had outfitted large RVs and turned them into “mobile medical clinics”. Irwin and Paul co-founded the Children’s Health Fund in 1980. At the time of Katrina they had traveled the South, in the areas hardest hit by Katrina, providing medical services, including treating acute conditions but also vaccinations and other preventative care, to the children most overlooked in our disaster relief. If ever there was an unsung hero.

Today Redlener is a recognized national leader in disaster preparedness and the public health ramifications of terrorism and large-scale catastrophic events. He and his team have developed major programs to enhance public health and health systems readiness with respect to disasters, on U.S. readiness for pandemics and other concerns.

He talks here about the insecurity of fissile materials, the probability of a terrorist nuclear attack, and — seriously — what to do if you were to get caught in the middle of one. 25 minutes long, but it could just prove to be the best 25 minutes you ever spent.