In an Op Ed on the Washington Post, former Secretary General of the UN Kofi Annan gives us an idea of the size of the obstacles to peace in Syria, and what must be done to realize a peaceful solution.

While the conflict in Syria must be solved by Syrians, he says, with the external influences at work in the country, it would be naive to think that the Syrians can end the violence and enter into a meaningful political process by themselves.

Preparing for a meeting tomorrow with “those with influence on the Syrian government and its opposition”, he is asking for joint, sustained pressure on the Syrian leaders, including consequences for noncompliance. The road he hopes to have laid out in the talks would lead to a government of national unity that includes selected members of the current government, the opposition and other groups.

The transition would also include a national dialogue and a constitutional revision subject to popular approval, followed by free and fair multiparty elections.

Read it on Washington Post and tell us, does his plan have a chance?