English filmmaker and Amnesty supporter Jay Rodan brought his camera to one of the photo shoots for thecommunity.com’s campaign to raise awareness on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This shoot, done with campaign partner Aid Still Required, included Joel Madden (Good Charlotte), Anne Archer (Fatal Attraction, Clear and Present Danger), CCH Pounder (Avatar), Keith Carradine, Priscilla Presley, LA Lakers DJ Mbenga and Josh Powell, renowned photojournalist Eli Reed, model Liberty Ross and others.

Not shown was Morgan Freeman, who stopped in to shoot a video for the campaign.

In a fabulous example of how a grassroots campaign catches fire when individuals pick up the torch, Jay went home and created a video with his footage. The Killers gave their okay to use the perfect song. When the video was posted on Vimeo (with 4 million members), within 24 hours it was at the top of their staff picks.