Journey home for Nelson Mandela

Former president Nelson Mandela, accompanied by his wife Graca Machel, traveled home to Qunu in the Eastern Cape in an unscheduled visit with his extensive medical team.

Sources close to the 92-year-old anti-apartheid icon said he had told his family: “I want to go home.”

Staff at Mthatha Airport in the Transkei—usually warned days in advance of an impending visit—were only told moments before “to get things ready.”

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  1. Dear President Mandela,
    It is such a joy to see you walking along as you journey home.
    You have truly inspired millions of people all over the world, but even more
    importantly here in our very own incredible country.
    Your most important and treasured gift to me is “The gift of Forgiveness.”
    I still to this day marvel at just how important that very act of yours changed
    the course of History,as it might have been. I am truly blessed..
    God bless you and your family,
    Val Leech.

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  3. Nelson Mandela is the very great guy for south Africa.
    Bravo Nelson, Beloved you. !!!!